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KOJO & LEE provides an exceptional salon ambiance that prioritises connection, inclusivity, well-being, and a slow-paced aesthetic. Our aim is to offer a tailored experience that promotes relaxation, fulfillment, and upliftment.

Tucked away within the top two floors of a beautiful listed building on Devonshire Street, in the heart of Sheffield, we invite you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Entering via a discrete doorway, you’ll walk along a dimly-lit corridor and up a bare-wooden staircase to discover our welcoming retreat of calm and considered spaces. Here, our skilful hair stylists deliver a range of services and treatments in our eight individual and wonderfully relaxing rooms.

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We aim to make all who visit feel at ease, listened to and in the safest of hands. This inclusive approach is reflected in our gender-neutral pricing and facilities, plus the talents of our stylists, each with their own specialist areas and knowledge of different hair types and textures.

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Enhance your hair care journey with our cleverly curated hero product and lifestyle collection. Discover the talents of independent creators and makers from Sheffield and beyond.