Work With Us

Kojo&Lee is home to a kinship of creatives who work independently in separate rooms but as a team under one roof.

As we continue to evolve, we’re always keen to hear from like-minded hair, beauty and wellbeing specialists who align with our vision and want to be part of a unique salon setting. One that encourages creative freedom, supports flexible working and nurtures authentic talent.

Our Vision

On a journey to develop an inclusive and safe space for pampering, relaxation and inspiration, our purpose runs much deeper than traditional salons.

For us, it's not just about making a client look good; we want them to feel good too, which is why, through our unique set-up, we deliver an experience rather than just a service.

Currently, our building is home to some of the city’s most passionate hair stylists, though, in our pursuit to develop a more holistic wellbeing offering, we want to invite beauty and alternative therapy specialists to further enhance our team.

Our Approach

Authenticity, independence and fluidity are key to the Kojo&Lee approach. 

Our eight beautifully individual rooms provide space for creatives to be whatever they want to be. To exercise their skills, refine their style, and offer a bespoke client experience whilst having complete control of how and when they work. 

We also place great value on being part of a wider collaborative team. Together we provide support and inspiration, promote a culture of kindness and prioritise mentoring and growth for a happy and fulfilling work environment. 

In taking this approach, we’ve built a talented, mindful and driven team who care about their clients as well as their craft.

The privacy of separate rooms allows for personal service, relaxed conversation and a calmer pace, though a collective team spirit still flows throughout.

If you feel that you could adapt to and thrive within this creative space whilst bringing something special to the Kojo&Lee table, we’d love to hear from you. 

Our rooms are available on a flexible basis to hair, beauty and wellbeing professionals. For more details, please email